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Andrew W.K. At The Spike VGA

Even if Mr. W.K. broke his foot... he kept on going. Epic appearance together with the band. Source: check it out
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How To Dump A Girl

I guess the AWK style of dumping a girl is pretty straight forward and without drama. Sounds good to me. I wonder what is Andrew W.K.'s advice for girls on how to dump a boy??... curious... Source: check it out

Destroy Build Destroy

Notes: Today I watched this program for the very first time and it is pretty entertaining. It was setup so that the older siblings go against the younger siblings. Although it is not like this all the time but it sure was exciting seeing 2 groups being formed and challenged through various assignments. Andrew W.K. plays as host and does a great job at it. AWK plus explosions equals fun. Catch it on CN! Source: check it out

Andrew W.K. 55 Cadillac

Notes: My birthday is coming up and I know exactly what I want.... 55 Cadillac! ... I can't wait for this. As a fan of A.W.K., this album will be different in that, it will mark a new chapter in our lives with Andrew W.K. himself playing the piano that will provide all of us, the music that we truly deserve. Thank you Andrew W.K. for this rare and extremely meaningful opportunity. Source: check it out

Highschool Music Video

When I first saw this video on You Tube, all I had to say was "wow"!... For a couple of kids in highschool, this is a pretty decent and hilarious music video. Love it. Great video editing. Kudos to its creator/s. Notes: Ready To Die is featured on Andrew W.K.'s "I Get Wet" album. Source: check it out

Andrew W.K. And Beastie Boys

Being an Andrew W.K. fan and also a Beastie Boys fan, I could not help but share this rare mash up attempt I found on You Tube the other day! Weird but kinda awesome in the same time. Watch it if you want. It is a mix of AWK's Party Hard and Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right. Source: check it out

Long Live the Party

Notes: In late 2003, W.K. released The Wolf. The album featured Andrew playing all the instruments on the recording (he had his full live band play on I Get Wet). It spawned the singles "Tear it Up" and "Never Let Down" in the US (both had videos made, but only "Tear It Up" had a full retail single released) and the song "Long Live the Party" was a minor hit in Japan. "The Wolf" has many overdubbed instrument parts. The Wolf was not as commercially successful as I Get Wet. On tour for The Wolf, Andrew was injured on stage and broke his foot. After the concert, he signed autographs from the ambulance. Not wanting to let his fans down, he performed the remainder of the tour in a wheelchair. Source: check it out