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Andrew W.K. At The Spike VGA

Even if Mr. W.K. broke his foot... he kept on going. Epic appearance together with the band.
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How To Dump A Girl

I guess the AWK style of dumping a girl is pretty straight forward and without drama. Sounds good to me. I wonder what is Andrew W.K.'s advice for girls on how to dump a boy??... curious... Source: check it out

Destroy Build Destroy

Notes: Today I watched this program for the very first time and it is pretty entertaining. It was setup so that the older siblings go against the younger siblings. Although it is not like this all the time but it sure was exciting seeing 2 groups being formed and challenged through various assignments. Andrew W.K. plays as host and does a great job at it. AWK plus explosions equals fun. Catch it on CN! Source: check it out